Whole Home Remodeling

Fall in love with your home all over again.

Have you purchased a home and want to make it your own? Do you love your neighborhood and want to get the home you want without moving? With whole home remodeling, you can maximize your home’s potential and create a beautiful home that merges functionality with a design you love.

A whole home remodel can involve a full kitchen and several bathrooms, a first or second floor renovation, or a complete gut and rebuild of your home with a new layout. It can open up floor plans, improve appearance and functionality, improve accessibility, enlarge rooms, create dedicated spaces like a home office, and add storage.

Some remodel only once or twice in their lifetime, so it is our goal to make it an experience you will enjoy. We’ll walk you through each step, helping you make choices to fit your goals and budget. And because the basic elements of the space are generally already in place—the walls, ceiling, flooring and utilities—you can spend more on the features and finishes that make a difference in changing the look and feel of your existing spaces.

We’ll begin with a comprehensive design consultation to gather your ideas for look and function, then create 3D designs that reflect your vision exactly to your specifications, style and character. Once your designs are finalized, you’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager and a comprehensive construction schedule that will ensure a successful result.

Choosing a design-build remodeling firm provides you with the ultimate efficiency and a seamless experience from beginning to end. The design-build model is designed to save time and money by housing every function under one roof, and offering checks and balances along the way. This synergy creates solid relationships and communication between the design and production teams, and you, our clients.

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A High Return on Investment

Oregon is among the Western states that report some of the highest returns on investment for your whole home remodel. Maximum value plus the enjoyment you will have in a home you love—a place where you will create lifelong memories.

You don’t have to move to get the home you want. Thayer Design Build proudly serves homeowners throughout the Corvallis, Albany, and Philomath Oregon region to bring their vision of how they want to live in their home to life. When you require professionals for your whole remodel, rely on the ability of our team to deliver the highest level of service and quality.

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