Tranquil Spa Bathroom Remodel In Corvallis Oregon

Corvallis, or


We took a tired, outdated bathroom addressing our client’s numerous concerns with their outdated space and transformed it into a warm and inviting space built for relaxation and comfort.


Client Needs

Our client came to us with several concerns regarding their outdated bathroom. The existing shower was dark and uninviting. The roman tub was cold, leaking, and unsafe. The existing vanity was unattractive and outdated, featuring a tile countertop, and the fixtures were from the 70s. They were in need of a complete bathroom transformation.


Our team replaced the shower with new large format tiles and a clear glass shower door to create a bright and inviting space. Additional lighting was added to make the area safer and more functional, including grab bars near the toilet and shower. 

In the tub area, we replaced the windows and reframed the tub deck with a built in cadet heater and new drop-in tub. This was topped off with 24×24 tiles, along with floating corner shelves. 

The outdated vanity was replaced with a modern design that included a stone countertop and backsplash, and an outlet was installed in one of the drawers.


The result of this project is a brand new spa-like bathroom that our clients can relax in and enjoy. With improved lighting, comfort, storage, and beauty, our clients now have a functional and inviting space that fits their needs.

[Thayer] are the only remodeling/building business I would work with.  We love the remodeling projects they have done for us over the years.  If you want high quality work with an honest, trustworthy crew, Thayer Construction is the team to go with.

Lisa Taggart, Corvallis, OR

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