Vibrant Bakers Kitchen & First Floor Remodel in Corvallis, Oregon

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We performed a comprehensive remodel on the first floor of an early 90’s home, featuring a stunning & vibrant bakers kitchen remodel in Corvallis, Oregon. Discover how we revamped the clients home and refreshed living areas, promising years of joy and satisfaction for the homeowners.

Client Needs

Russ and Tina’s early 90’s home faced multiple challenges on its first floor. 

The kitchen, outdated and lacking in efficiency, suffered from a shortage of storage space and aging appliances in need of replacement. Moreover, clutter amassed in areas like the pantry and underutilized desk space.

Additionally, the home’s aging millwork, fogging windows, and worn-out carpeting further reaffirmed the need to remodel the entire first floor rather than only one room.


In response to these issues, our team executed a comprehensive renovation plan. 

For the kitchen, strategic changes were made, such as removing the pantry wall to optimize space, transforming the once-cluttered desk area into a closet, and lowering the sink window sills to be flush with the countertop.

We then introduced custom cherry cabinetry complete with convenient features like a hideaway step stool, toe-kick drawers, spice pull-outs, and back lit obscured glass uppers.

We installed a suite of modern appliances, including a point-of-use hot water heater with water filter, a trash compactor, and a microwave drawer ensuring both functionality and efficiency. 

The crowning jewel of the kitchen came in the form of a bespoke mosaic glass backsplash ontop of the luxurious quartz countertop, adding a touch of elegance and personality to the space.


In other areas of the home, we made significant enhancements. 

We added a new window opening and replaced all existing windows, ensuring a fresh, updated look throughout. The fireplace received a modern upgrade with a gas insert and a sleek new mantle. Additionally, new carpeting was installed, while the hardwood floors were expertly refinished to restore their natural beauty. 

To complete the transformation, we replaced all baseboards and door trim, installed new window sills and trim, and applied fresh paint to most of the millwork, walls, and ceilings, adding the perfect finishing touch to the revitalized space.


The outcome of this meticulous renovation is truly remarkable. What was once a tired space has been transformed into a stunning showcase of efficiency and elegance. 

This transformation provided Russ and Tina, not only with a beautiful space that will last decades but also an enjoyable experience while getting there.


Everyone associated with the Thayer name is professional, kind, genuine, funny….we feel like we have made lifelong friends. The sprinkles on the ice cream is the fact that they also do absolutely stellar work!

Tina Shuetz, Corvallis, OR

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