Warm Mid Century Modern Kitchen Remodel in Corvallis, Oregon

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Explore the remarkable transformation of Cody and Brenda’s outdated space into a spacious, functional, & warm Mid Century Modern Kitchen in Corvallis, Oregon, perfect for both entertaining and daily living.


Client Needs

Cody and Brenda approached us with a vision for a new, improved kitchen that offered enhanced space, functionality, and modern aesthetics. Their original layout featured limited room for hosting guests, narrow entryways, and insufficient lighting. Outdated wallpaper added to the aged appearance, and an eating nook and a closet housing a water heater were not utilized efficiently. With the oven no longer working and other appliances nearing the end of their lifespans, it was time for a change.


Our design journey began with reimagining the layout. We eliminated the dining nook to create a spacious, cohesive kitchen area. We reframed and installed two new, matching operable windows and widened two entryways to improve flow. A space-saving pocket door was added to the laundry room, and the framed water heater closet was replaced with cabinetry.

We relocated the sink and dishwasher to the island, the induction cooktop and hood to the exterior wall, and installed a built-in microwave and wall oven next to the fridge. To ensure ample lighting, we added pendant, sconce, wafer, and under and in-cabinet lights.

Embracing a clean, modern look, we chose walnut cabinetry with floating shelves, slab fronts, and push-to-open soft-close hardware. The custom-designed cabinetry features an appliance lift, corner optimizers, double drawers, spice storage, tilt-outs, an appliance garage, trash pull-out, and automated in-cabinet lighting.

The sleek white quartz countertops are perfectly complemented by the eye-catching green tile backsplash. We installed flooring that extends from the dining room through the kitchen and into the laundry and bathroom areas.


This project’s outcome is a breathtaking remodel, creating a welcoming heart of the home for family and friends to gather. Cody and Brenda now enjoy a beautiful, timeless, mid century modern kitchen that will remain in vogue for years to come.

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